3 Reasons You Should Use Climate Controlled Wine Storage

3 Reasons You Should Use Climate Controlled Wine Storage

To store or Not to Store?

Big question, well not really. If you’re like me who buys bulk to drink bulk, then no this is not a consideration. I will be a nuisance at any storage facility, I will visit daily and will be one of those “scaly” people who Police is called out to remove for causing public disturbance.

Three main reasons why you should consider climate controlled wine storage:

1: Better Wine Quality

Wine has become an increasingly popular investment commodity over the last decade, but very few investors understand or Wine-Storage-Rack-2know that the storage of their wine will in fact determine the growth of their investment.

So whether you have invested in wine for financial gain or emotional motivation, it won’t serve its purpose if not stored correctly.

If you’re an Investors and haven’t selected a storage facility for your investment, then best you become a fast drinker like me, because your wine is literally going to pot as you read this article.

A few things you might not know about the storage of wine:

  1. Cork moist
  2. Must be temperature controlled
  3. Humidity factor controlled
  4. Left undisturbed for lengthy periods of time
  5. Vibration destroys fine wine, calm vibrations will disturb the sediment in the bottle
  6. Sunlight or UV light exposure prematurely ages wine. It will destroy the Tannins in the wine
  7. Strong outside smells could contaminate your wine
  8. 2. Investment growth is limited:

Your investment size is limited if you don’t have a storage facility. Those who want to expand their collection will find themselves outgrowing their storage facility much quicker than anticipated.

The size of your collection doesn’t matter, your growth is no longer limited with the Wine Storage solution at Wilsons Cellar.

  1. Investment value will decrease:

Ok so now you read this and decide that you have a large collection of wine, but this information isn’t aimed at you. You’re the Connoisseur. How many times have you opened an extremely expensive bottle of wine and it tasted like that “El Cheapo” you had whilst visiting the neighbours?

A recommended celery time should appear on the label, if not, contact the winery where you purchased the wine, straight after that, make a booking with Wilsons Storage Facility to ensure safe and secure storage of your wine until such time that it’s now the quality wine that you initially intended to taste when making the purchase.

Remember your wines will fetch much higher prices at auction or markets if they are in pristine condition, in their original packaging and no signs of heat stress.

Associate your collection with a Storage Facility who knows wines, who is enthusiastic about wine and who specifically caters for wine storage.

Wilsons Wine Cellar offers you wine storage, discounted wine deals and host wine tasting events. Storing Wines with Wilsons Cellars will keep your investment safe with their 24/7 live CCTV Surveillance as well as on site mobile patrols.

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Top Kitchen Designs for 2015

Top Kitchen Designs for 2015

Are you bored with the current kitchen design that you have right now? Well, if you are, then it’s probably time to give a new look to your kitchen. One way or another, you will have to look for the right kitchen designs that will fit your preference. And to help you with this, here are a lot of kitchen designs that are popularly known in this era.

The top kitchen designs include the furniture style, the airy kitchen designs, modern-traditional kitchen design, Quartz countertop design, bespoke kitchen design and metallic kitchen design.


    • Furniture Style Kitchen Design– One of the best kitchen designs in this modern age is the furniture style kitchen style. In this kitchen design, then emphasis on the modern and elegantly looking furniture is shown. This design also aims to send a message that space is indeed the king. With this kitchen design, you can move around your kitchen freely. This kitchen design can also be a place to enjoy and have a good time with your family and friends over dinner.


      • Airy Kitchen Designs– Airy kitchen designs aim to promote warmth and a lively feel to break away from tradition kitchen designs. With this kitchen design, there is also a lot of space available to feel comfortable when you are staying in that area. Airy kitchen designs are famous for their open shelving designs. This creates a new feel for the kitchen with spacious and accessible cabinets and beautifully designed counter-top.


      • Modern-Traditional Kitchen Design– Made by this great kitchen renovation team in Melbourne this kitchen design is a combination of modern and traditional kitchen designs. Traditional kitchen designs are made of hardwood materials that give off an elegant look and a beautiful contrast to the modern kitchen design.


      • Quartz Countertop– Quartz countertop is one of the best kitchen designs that are seen to be used by most people because of the functionality that it offers. Quartz countertop designs do need constant maintenance therefore it can be used for a long time. Aside from its durability, this kitchen design is also elegant to look at perfect for your home improvement activities. Its neutral color is also a popular trend these days.


      • Bespoke Kitchen Design– Bespoke kitchen designs have been the most commonly used kitchen designs these days. This kitchen design allows the homeowners to customize the kitchen layout and create a classic design.


    • Metallic Kitchen Design– Another trend in terms of kitchen design is the metallic kitchen design. With this, elegance and style can be expected aside from its durability. This kitchen design is also good to complement a modern house design.

Choosing a kitchen design for kitchen improvement will depend on your preference for the type of design that you want. To help you with this, there are kitchen designs available in 2015 that will definitely give a new look to your kitchen. There are furniture style designs that value space in the kitchen, airy kitchen design or open shelving, modern-traditional kitchen design, Quartz counter-top, bespoke kitchen and metallic kitchen design. Also if you were looking to get in touch with the kitchen renovation team we used above their details can be found here.

Best wooden floor type for your kitchen

Best wooden floor type for your kitchen

Hardwoods have long been a favorite in kitchens across the world, prized for their functionality as well as their distinctive beauty. But in today’s modern age, a new breed of wood has taken over, engineered timbers. They’re harder, denser and greener than any other option on the market today- and they are low in cost, a perfect combination for your kitchen floors.

Created by bonding many layers or plies together with a mixture of recycled wood fibers and stone, engineered timbers provide a durability more lasting and strong and a flooring that is resistant to many of the detriments that plague and diminish traditional solid hardwoods. To the eye of an observer, there is no detectable difference between engineered wood and regular hardwood- the differences mainly exist beneath the surface.


Another plus of these engineered timbers is their ability to be installed over concrete sub-floors or even floated to other boards of engineered timber. They can be stapled or glued, attributes not available in traditional hardwoods. This allows them to be installed in hard to reach places and other places where traditional planks could not be installed.


Engineered timbers make a strong case for use in the kitchen because of their resistance to the natural shrinking and expanding of traditional hardwoods. They are also more resistant to moisture which makes them a great candidate for use in a kitchen where spills and stains occur daily. Engineered timbers are also a great choice because they carry a greater level of stability when transitioning from one room material to the next. The height distance between engineered timbers and tile or carpet is much closer than that of traditional hardwoods. Using engineered timbers reduces and mostly eliminates the need for transition strips and the trimming down of doors.

Sustainability is also a key factor in engineered timbers, they are far more so than regular hardwoods. As the kitchen is probably the most trafficked room of a house, having a floor capable of withstanding any sort of disturbance, from a small spill to a larger leak or to the dropping of a heavy pan from the sink, is a must. Engineered timbers have a lifespan from a minimum of 20 years to a maximum of 100 years, numbers that hardwoods require several refinishings to even attempt to achieve. Engineered timbers too can be refinished, up to five times or more, to increase lifespan of floors.

Like in hardwoods, the favorite material of engineered timbers by homeowners is oak, loved for its strength and toughness- it is mostly ding and scratch resistant with the proper treatments. Engineered oak timbers, like oak hardwoods, also comes in a variety of colors and finishes, allowing it to be flexible in terms of matching counters, cupboards and furniture in the kitchen.

Choosing an engineered timber option for your kitchen floor will add value to your home, give you all the desired attributes of a standard hardwood floor but with none of the fuss and for less of a price than a traditional hardwood floor. If you are looking for a great engineered timber floor company we recommend the team at Kustom Timber in Melbourne, to check out their new website click here.

6 Tips to Baking Beautiful Cakes in the Kitchens


Have you ever tried baking multiple times before and realized that there are times when the results are quite not right? You only lack the right timing and some other things that will help bring your cakes to perfection! You may have not realized that kitchens also play a vital role into creating your pastries, too. Read on to find out what you lack in order to get consistent baking success.

  • Try not to use cold eggs. This means that you should avoid the eggs that came out from the fridge, or they are literally cold to the touch. You must have at least heard about bringin the butter into room temperature. This is equally important with the eggs, too. But if you are short with time, try microwaving the better on low setting in 5 second intervals and check the butter in between to get the right requirement. The eggs should be placed in a bowl filled with warm water and should stay there for at least ten to fifteen minutes.
  • Measure flour in a proper way. Most of the people who have tried baking a couple of times usually do not measure their flour well. Scooping a one cup flour usually has excess at the top, forming a volcano-like shape. Get rid fo the excess by using a knife. Scooping should be avoided, too. You should use a spoon flour to measure a cup of flour or more according to the recipe you are following.
  • shutterstock_62873338-300x200When you butter the pans, use the pastry brush. By using this specific brush, you will have better coverage compared to having the butter stick to a piece of paper. Using this item will also make your buttering parchment swift and easy. All you need to do is swipe away the brush over one tablespoon of soft butter and wipe it off on the surface of the paper or pan.
  • Place the position of your pans closely to the center of the oven as you can. The pans should never touch the walls of the oven. If the oven you are using is not wide enough to store the pans, try placing them on different racks and put a slight offset, in order to allow proper air circulation.
  • When you are baking, rotate the pans. This will give your cakes in the kitchens even baking. But you should wait for the moment that the cake is already set, which is around two-thirds on the way through the time you started baking in order to prevent the cake from collapsing. If you are using two or more racks, this is also the best time to swap your pans.
  • Make sure that you cool your cakes in an upside down manner. This will make your tops flatten out evenly, thus creating a form of disk that are easy to stack up when you layer them. If the top surface of the cake is a bit too rounded, slice it off using a serrated knife.

Whatever you are baking, make sure to do some good observations and try to change your methods from time to time in order to achieve the kind of cake you desire. You should also try to invest in quality bakeware, as this will also contribute to the quality of the pastries or cakes you are making in the kitchens.

Measurements should be as exact as how you have read it from the recipe to avoid disasters during the baking process. When weighing ingredients, use digital scales to achieve the right weight. This will aid you in eliminating excess ingredients into the mix.